Brace-Everett-Frissell Mts. Trail

(Mount Washington, Massachusetts)

Main attributes of this Native American place: Landmark/landscape.

Hiking trails provide access to exposed mountaintops near the Tri-State marker (a small stone monument), where the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York come together. The summit of Brace Mountain offers superb views of the Mohican homelands in the valley of the Hudson River (or the Mahhicannituck), much as they would have appeared at the time of European contact. To the west, the Taconic Range drops off abruptly, and the expanse of the middle Hudson Valley and the entire Catskill Range can be seen. Albany is visible to the northwest, where Henry Hudson established a year-round Dutch trading post in 1614. Beyond the high rounded ridges to the east and northeast lies the upper Housatonic River Valley. To the southeast, the forested Taconic Plateau is visible, and at a lower elevation in the distance are the Litchfield Hills.

Thoughts to consider as you stand upon this place: Throughout the past, as well as today, the panorama from this location has embraced the majestic sense of the Upper Housatonic and Hudson valleys.

Contributor: Timothy Binzen


  • Binzen, Timothy. 2016. Field reconnaissance.