Bidwell House Museum

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The Bidwell House Museum is the colonial history museum for the Berkshires. The house was the original parsonage and meeting house for Township No. 1 (now the towns of Tyringham and Monterey). The property consists of more than 190 acres of field, forest, and heritage gardens on a mountaintop plateau. The museum presents a diverse collection of colonial-era objects, to portray life from the perspective of the Bidwell family, who lived on the property from the 1750s to the 1850s.

The Mohican Chief Konkapot was a signatory to the original deed that included the land where the house museum is located. Today, the grounds include a wigwam reconstruction. Interpretive programming offered to the public includes wigwam and shelter-building, traditional arts and fire-building, and lectures
on Native American heritage in the Berkshires.

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